Live Streams_

Create online
events, streamed live to your audience

Live streams are the perfect way to deliver exclusive content, showcase your work or simply create a special event for your audiences. Whether your event is delivered in real-time like in a TV studio, or is prepared content streamed at a specific time, live streams create a sense of anticipation, exclusivity and contribute to brand loyalty. They're also a great way to deliver training material and can be archived fro future use.

Reach more people + -

Having an event to publicise means you can grab people’s attention accross a multitude of platforms. Audiences can attend no matter where they are located, easily, from the comfort of their own home

Create a following + -

By offering your audiences a special event and exclusive content, they invest in you and what you are offering

Showcase Your Work + -

Creating an entertaining event gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand, product or organisation without audiences feeling you are trying to sell them something.

Invest in your consumers + -

Providing special online events for your customers for no other reason than to entertain, educate or inform shows creates trust and builds a loyalty to your organisation that will last longer and pay dividends over time.

Monetise + -

Ticket your event and charge entry to your online events

Do it live!

We can film your event, stream it and mix it live. High end live events create a real sense of excitement with your audiences

Make an event of your prepared content

Pre-record and edit your content or film and screen it at a specific time and place to create an exclusive event


If you want to monetise your live stream, we can manage your online event from start to finish. We can cover all the logistics of ticketing and hosting your live stream


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